Knot Cover #2

A silicone sleeve to cover and protect your knots. It works great as a strike point on your tube flies fished with free hanging hook, which many experienced salmon and sea trout anglers prefer. This minimizes the lever effect that a hook threaded inside a stiff tube can give.

The brighter colors orange and yellow are highly fluorescent. Available in two sizes, #2 and #3.

The sleeve also works great as a knot cover on your fly line-leader connection to give a smooth transition that doesn’t stick in the guides on your rod.

Knot Cover #2

ST 584 2B 2 ST-584-2B

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ST 584 2O 2 ST-584-2O

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ST 584 2T 2 ST-584-2T

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ST 584 2Y 2 ST-584-2Y

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