Fly tying
Fly-Dressing TV

Classic Green & Gold
Flash Fly

It doesn’t get more classic than this but with a modern touch, a Green & Gold flash fly that imitates the pike’s favorite food, baby pike.
This was where it all started for Niklaus Bauer and his obsession for developing pike flies

Fly tying 2
Fly Dressing TV


"This is my free interpretation of an old Finnish imitation of the Bibio or March fly which has proven it’s worth in my flyboxes over and over again."
- Daniel Bergman


Buzzing Buzzer Fishing
for Brown Trout

Buzzer fishing is a mainstream thing in some countries but it is definitely a way of fishing we all anglers should get familiar with. Here Daniel Bergman and Cato Vivelid Monsen tries it.

Fly TV
Fly Tv

Dry Fly Fishing & Rising Trout in Norway

In this episode we get to follow Cato Vivelid Monsen
and Erlend Vivelid Nilssen on a dry fly fishing adventure
in Norway.


for Perch/Bass

In this episode, Daniel Bergman will show us how to tie a "Ned the Creature" - a ned style creature bait, just as the name implies, that is fire for perch, bass and probably all other predatory fish...

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