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Magic Head Damsel

A very productive damsel imitation with great
movement that will trick even picky trout into a take.
~ Cornelis Hollestein

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Bauer’s Halibut Fly

This is a pattern that is designed to ride with the hook point up, for great hooking abilities and so it won’t snag on the bottom while dragging it their searching for some giant fish on the bottom floor.

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STF Fry by Daniel

This is a great little pattern for sea trout that can be fished both on it’s own or as a dropper. You can wary the colors to replicate everything from tiny fish babies to different kinds of shrimp.


Sight Fishing For River Carp in Italy

Flymaniacs flying high again! This time Niklaus travelled all the way from Sweden to Italy to visit Paolo Pacchiarini's waters he calls home.

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Treat your lines

Make sure that your lines is always ready for that extra meter when casting. See our products for keeping your lines in shape.

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