Paolo's Articulated Double Tail

In this episode pike fly tying tutorial, Niklaus Bauer will show us how to tie "Paolo's Articulated Double Tail" It swims like a game changer when you fish it roly-poly but if you fish it with short hard pull’s, it kicks side to side like nothing else.

Fly VS Jerk
Fly vs jerk s.14

Episode 5 is out!

The world’s toughest pike fishing competition is back.
Eight teams spread across Europe fish against each other for three days in a battle to catch as many and big pikes as possible.

Fly tying
Fly-Dressing TV

Bauer's Bottom Bouncer

Sometimes you really have to go down deep! Or is it not always important to present the fly where the fish resides?

Fly tying 2
Fly Dressing TV

Mini Sculpin Game Changer

A Game Changer style sculpin for those who want a fun fly to tie, but an even funnier fly to fish. Give these a try, you won't be disappointed!


River Pike Fishing

Niklaus Bauer took his boat up to visit a friend Jonathan Åhström that shares the same passion for trying waters without knowing anything beforehand..

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