The Next Generation of articulated Jig shanks

Designed with Blane Chocklett and Martin Bawden

The Articulated Jig Shank (JS) shank is an innovative 60-degree, jig-style articulated shank with an innovative slot to tie-in dumbbell eyes. Perfect for tying jig style, weighted and unweighted Game Changer, and various other articulated flies.

Jig-Style Neck

60-degree neck and eye allows you to tie jig-style flies


The innovative slot provides options to easily add dumbbells or other weighting options. The slot places the dumbbell or weight beneath the center of gravity, allowing for true jig turnover and assure proper keeling, something other jig-style shanks struggle to do

Triangular Rear Loop

Reduces the gap between interconnected shanks by pulling the shanks closer together resulting in flies with tighter, more integrated bodies.

Triangular shape is easier for the jaws of the vise to grip and hold the shank, especially important with the smaller size shanks.

Perfect for single shank-to-hook flies

Sizes and Qty Per Pack

22mm and 37mm length (Qty 25)


FS JS60 22 FS-JS60-22

Available on back-order

FS JS60 37 FS-JS60-37

Available on back-order