White curly tail perch fly

When I was growing up, a white Curly tail jig with an orange jig head was the hottest thing you could use to fish for perch. The perch have not changed their love for white jigs in the last 35 years and this imitation of it, is loved just as much as the plastic one. Try it in larger sizes for other species such as Zander or Pike.

  • Hook: Ahrex FW550 #4
  • Glue: Zap a gap brush on, Gulff UV resin – Thinman
  • Thread: Power tread 25D – White
  • Tail: XS-XL Wiggle tail in skin white, in this case size small, hook for tail, 3mm articulation bead Fl salmon red, 0,30-0,33 mm fluorocarbon
  • Wing: Extra select craft fur in white, Hedron Lateral scale small opal
  • Head: Slotted tungsten bead 5,5mm in Fl. orange
  • Eyes: Fly-Dressing stick on eyes Fl. Red 3,9 mm