We’re out filming FLY VS JERK 10! Who’s competing this year?

The 10th season of FLY VS JERK is now being produced! Six teams are fighting for the win and this year we have some cool changes in the format. Let’s have a look at them! There will be three points given out each day – the number point (as always), the big fish point (as always) and a third point – the ”top 5 point” which will be based on the length of the five longest fish each day.

The six teams competing are:

Team Vision

  • Niklaus Bauer
  • Markus Tandefeldt

CWC Fishing Team

  • Stefan Trumstedt
  • Pierre Monjarret

Team Leech

  • Alexander Lexén
  • Markus Maliszewski

Team Raymarine

  • Per Tjernström
  • Victor Enblom

Team Jiggar.nu

  • Björn Boström
  • Jakob Hanc

Team ILLEX/Gunki

  • Frédéric Jullian
  • Manuel Fyrestam