Wave Tail sculpin – Perch fly

The Wave tail sculpin is a great and simple imitation of a sculpin, goby or tied in lighter colors a sand goby. This group of fish is very popular as prey for Brown trout and Perch but also Sea trout eats them a lot, tie them in different colors for different occasions. The flat bottom together with the wave tail make them surf in a great and deadly way.

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Material List:

  • Hook: Ahrex TP 650 26 degree Bent Streamer #1/0
  • Glue: Zap brush on, Gulff UV resin Fl. White, flexman and Thinman, 5 min Epoxy
  • Thread: Textreme Power thread 25D White
  • Tail: Wavetail in large, tan (skin)
  • Head: Sculpin Helmet brown small Eyes: Gulff uv resin Fl. white
  • Body: Chocklett’s Filler flash brown, Extra select Craft fur in sand, dark brown and medium brown