Vulgata Part 1. The Emerger by Daniel Bergman

This is a quick and rather easy tie that imitates the hatching stadium of one of Scandinavia’s biggest mayflies. This pattern is proven over many years to fulfill all the criteria’s I think is important. It floats really good for a long time, is very visible, even on windy days with waves and above all it sits in the surface with a realistic footprint and catches allot of fish!

  • Hook: Ahrex FW530 #10
  • Thread: Textreme 6/0 Brown
  • Tail: Pheasent tail fibres
  • Body: Wapsi Natural fur gray Squirrel Ribbing: Thread loop
  • Thorax/legs: CDC pardo, Coq de lyon Pardo & Hare’s ear dubbing dark
  • Wing bud: Tiemco Aero Dry wing yarn fine in Tan