Tungsten Jiggy Fly

This is a fly you will need a helmet to cast! This is a tungsten bead jiggy fly for sea trout. When retrieving this fly with long strips you will have a fly that is strongly jigging up and down through the water. It is my favorite fly to fish for sea trout during late spring, summer and early fall.

Material description:

  • Hook: Ahrex SA 250 #4
  • Thread: Textreme power thread 50 den
  • Head: Fly Dressing Tungsten Beads 3,8mm – Rainbow
  • Wing: Bucktail – Natural White and Fluo Chartreuse
  • Flash: Crystal Flash Small – White Pearl, Mirage Accent – opal
  • Sides: Whiting High & Dry Hackle Cape – WD/Olive and grizzly
  • Eyes: Stick-On Eyes 3,1 mm – Silver Scales
  • Super glue: zap a gap
  • UV resin: Gulff classic in the bottom and thinman on top