Tie a Tangle Free Wolly Bugger!

A Wolly Bugger is probably something everybody needs in their box, this versatile patten catches fish all over the world. I have tweaked this pattern, so it works great for what I use it for and that is Sea trout in the Stockholm archipelago. I have changed the normal hackle for marabou in a dubbing loop, this makes this fly move like crazy in low speeds and the soft marabou fibers still move when the fly is standing still. Tie a bunch up in your favorite color and give this version a go I promise you; you will not get disappointed.

  • Hook: Ahrex NS 122 #2
  • Glue: Zap brush on
  • Thread: Textreme Power thread 25D White
  • Tail: Wolly bugger marabou white, Lateral scale mirage
  • Head: Fly-Dressing’s 3,8mm tungsten bead in Fl.Pink
  • Hackle: Marabou white in a dubbing loop.
  • Body: A mix of following material, mixed in a coffee grinder. Ripple ice shrimp pink, SLF prism in colors Ice pearl, gold and Pearl, ice dubbing in Fl. Shell pink and SLF Saltwater in Fl. Shell pink.
  • Add on: Magic Head R13