The Standup Baitfish by Toni Niemi

This fly tying tutorial will show you a perch fly that is designed to be fished near the bottom. When you let it drop to the bottom it will be standing with the tail and body elevated from the bottom thanks to the Ahrex 26 degree bent streamer hook and the light-dressed body of the fly. The idea came after watching last years Perch Pro when I saw them catching those 50cm perch on jigs standing up from the bottom. I’ve wanted something that I can present extremely slow on the bottom those days when the fish seem to prefer picking food from the bottom. Material List:

  • Hook: Ahrex TP650 #2
  • Head: Sculpin helmet small
  • Glue: 5 minute epoxy
  • Tail: Craft fur cream
  • Body: Sculpting flash fibre Golden bronze back, natural belly
  • Head: Predator dubbing brown, tan
  • Eyes: 4,8mm stick on eye
  • Resin:Gulff thinman