Rubber Mouth Shrimp – Karl Önning

The Rubber mouth shrimp created by Erik Lewstam is a fantastic fly when coastal fishing for sea trout. This combination of natural colors has proven to outfish other patterns particularly in clear and calm conditions when the water is a bit warmer. The segmented body creates a nice transparency combined with great movement from the CDC imitating swimming legs. Fish this fly with slow retrieves and long stops letting it hover. The take usually comes when the fly is hovering.
  • Hook: Ahrex NS156 Traditional Shrimp #8
  • Glue: Gulff Minuteman
  • Thread: Textreme Power thread 50D White, Last wraps colored with FD Color marker – Orange.
  • Mouth: Senyos shaggy dub – Hot orange
  • Head/legs: Whiting Spey Rooster Cape – Grizzly tan, Crystal flash small – White pearl, Marc Petitjean CDC Feathers 1 gr – Cream, Whiting Coq de leon rooster cape– Medium pardo
  • Eyes: Easy shrimp eyes – Mahogany brown
  • Abdomen: SLF Saltwater dubbing – Sand, Ice Dub – Pearl, Marc Petitjean CDC Feathers 1 gr – Cream Whiting Coq de leon rooster cape – Medium pardo