Ragworm Game Changer

This sea trout fly is made for early spring coastal fishing when the ragworm is spawning. The game changer micro-spines are what makes a unique movement to this fly. Win the fly! Subscribe to the channel and leave a comment why you want this exact fly tied by Robert and we will pick one of you within two weeks of the release of this video.

  • Hook: Ahrex NS110 #6
  • Thread: Textreme power thread black in 10 denier and 25 denier
  • Tail: Wolly bugger marabou brown
  • Dubbing: Predator dubbing R.S. Ginger
  • Chenille: Wolly chenille brown
  • Shank to hook connection: Vision prism fluorocarbon 0,36mm
  • Shanks starting from the tail: 1. Tail Shank, 6 mm, 8 mm, 8mm. (starter pack for articulated micro-spine available)