Pike Diver by Niklaus Bauer

This patten came up when i needed a simple and fast to tie, walk the dog action topwater fly. We were going to target perch that was really into this action. The problem was just that i should have tied them pike size like this one. This patten is simple but so much fun to fish with and try it with a dragon tail in the end.

Materials used:

  • Hook: TP650 – 26 Degree Bent Streamer #4/0
  • Glue: Zap brush on, Gulff Thinman, 5 Min Epoxy
  • Thread: Textreme Power thread 50D – White
  • Head: Double Barrel Popper –Large in White
  • Eyes: Stick-On Eyes 5,5 mm – Fluo Red
  • Connection: Partridge Bauer Pike leader wire 40LB, Articulation Beads 6mm – Glow white
  • Tail: 15 and 20mm shanks, Lateral scale small – Mirage opal, Extra Select Craft fur white, Palmer Chenille, medium – Pearl
  • Front hook: Extra Select Craft fur white, Long haired holographic chenille- UV/Silver