PERCH PRO 6 – Episode 5

Welcome back to PERCH PRO – the perch fishing competition where six teams are spread out all over Europe to bring you some world class perch fishing over three fishing days and six episodes.

In this competition it’s not enough to fish good one or even two days – to win you have to perform your very best for all three days.

The six teams competing in this season of PERCH PPO are:

– ILLEX/Gunki (Frédéric Jullian and Marc Ptakovsky)
– CWC Fishing Team (Evert Oostdam and Adam Orre)
– Nays (Dustin Schöne and Tobias Ekvall)
– Fox Rage/Salmo (Sylvain Legendre and Vincent Tobé)
– Sporting (Stephan Nielsen and Linus Ericsson)
– Vision/Fly-Dressing (Daniel Bergman and Steffan Jensen)

Which team do you think will win?