Niklaus Bauer – Hoover Fly 2.0

In this video, Niklaus Bauer will show you a pike fly that will stay suspending in the water. In some parts of the season this fly is the most exceptional fly. It carries a medium-sized popper head inside to compensate for the weight of the hook rig, materials and the pike leader. This fly is also tied in tie tv. If you want to see more about the fly we can recommend that video:… How to tie a Bauer pike rig:…

Material List:

  • Hook: Ahrex TP610 #4/0 and PR382 #1
  • Wire: Bauer pike wire titanium
  • Glue: Zap brush on, Epoxy, Gulff UV resin Flexman
  • Thread: Textreme Power thread 100D
  • Tail Connection: Fastach size 0, 3mm bead
  • Tail: Dragon tail XL
  • Eyes: Epoxy eyes 5,5mm
  • Head: Bucktail, Bauer’s Premium Nayat, Flashabou, Ripple ice fiber, Predatordubbing
  • Tail: Bucktail, Hedron Magnum Flashabou
  • Body: Polar Reflector flash, Double barrel Popper medium