Karl’s Killer Graboid

The inspiration for this killer trout fly comes from the famous steelhead pattern – Graboid leech. To adapt the pattern for the Swedish trout i made some adjustments to make it look more like a small grayling or a common minnow. I prefer to fish this fly in faster water on the swing, making it stop or slow down where i think the fish are standing. But it’s a very versatile pattern with several benefits and will swim great however you´ll fish it. Having the hook point upwards you can bounce the bottom without getting snagged. The lead eyes gives a broader head creating more turbulence to hit the tail of the fly. More turbulence combined with the small weight added to the zonker strip by the trailer hook makes it swim like nothing else i´ve ever seen.

  • Hook: Ahrex NS182 Trailer hook NS #8
  • Shank: Articulated fish-spine – 25mm Trailer attachment: 0.18mm braided fishing line
  • Glue: Gulff Minuteman
  • Thread: Textreme Power thread 50D White
  • Eyes: Painted lead eyes – White – small
  • Wing and hackle: Zonker strip – Variant/Grizzly
  • Body: Bucktail – White, Ice dub – Pearl Flash: Ice wing fiber – Silver, Polar wind Rubber
  • Legs: Sili legs – Clear/pearl – Silver flake