Jiggy Flatwing – Niklaus Bauer

The Jiggy Flatwing is one of my favorite pattens for chasing sea trout later in the season when they are more focused feeding on smelt, herring or other bigger baitfish. This is also a super pattern if you are chasing perch. The baitfish head makes the fly move in a Jiggy motion that the seatrout just cannot resist when the water becomes slightly warmer, fish it fast or slow, on slightly heavier tippet but whatever you do hold on to your rod because the takes are usually really hard…

  • Hook: Ahrex TP 610 #1
  • Glue: Zap a gap brush on, 5 min epoxy, Gulff UV resin – thinman, Fl. Red
  • Thread: Power tread 50D, 25D – White
  • Tail: Bucktail white, Whiting Bugger pack white or ghost white, lateral scale mirage thin
  • Body: Mix of Slf prism in Gold, pearl, Uv Pearl, throat Polar chenille Fl.Flame
  • Wing: Bucktail in white, shad grey, olive, Whiting Bugger pack white or ghost white, Olive and GD dyed olive, lateral scale mirage thin, polarflash in gold and flashabou Pearl dyed olive
  • Head: Baitfish head, tan s-m
  • Eyes: Fly-Dressing stick on eyes 3,9mm Fl. yellow