Hatching foam pupa – Daniel Bergman

This Foam Pupa is a great, quite realistic, and fairly easy to tie pattern that works great for trout, grayling and rainbows when caddis is hatching in both streams and lakes. It floats really well which allows you to see it on the surface quite easily. Fish it free drifting or skating on the surface and just vary size and color to match the hatch of your favorite waters.

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  • Hook: Ahrex FW525 #14
  • Thread: Textreme Power thread Micro 25D White Rear
  • Body: Sybai Foam Cylinders 2,8mm Tan. Segments with Hareline Material Clamp and colored with FD Color Marker Brown.
  • Head cover: 1,5 mm Wapsi foam. Tinted with FD. Color Marker Brown Thorax: Wapsi natural fur dubbing Beaver
  • Legs: Wapsi Deer Hair Short/Fine Natural Brown in dubbing loop
  • Eyes: 0,50 mono burnt and coated with Gulff Black Magic