Fly vs Jerk 8 – EPISODE 5 –

We’re back with a new season of Fly vs Jerk – “The Reality Pike Fishing Competition”!

In this series of six episodes, four teams will compete against each other for three days in pike fishing with a cameraman in each boat. This season, participants can start wherever they want throughout Europe. Every day, the team that catches the biggest pike gets one point. The team that catches the most pike also gets one point. The team with the most points after three days wins.

The teams competing in this season of Fly vs Jerk are:

CWC Fishing Team with Stefan Trumstedt and Pierre Monjarret
Vision Sweden with Niklaus Bauer and Thomas Søbirk
Vision Finland with Tuomas Rytkönen and Pyry Granlund
Team Svartzonker with Claes Claesson and Mikael Nilsson