FLY VS JERK 10 – Ep. 3 – Lake Day

The original reality pike fishing competition, FLY VS JERK, is back for the 10th time. We have upgraded the format and this time, the teams will have to fish in a certain type of water each day. Day one is archipelago day, day two will be lake day and the final day will be river day. FLY VS JERK 10 have German, French and Polish subtitles – just like all our other videos. The six teams competing this year are:

Team Vision with Niklaus Bauer and Markus Tandefelt

  • CWC Fishing Team with Stefan Trumstedt and Pierre Monjarret
  • Team ILLEX/Gunki with Frédéric Jullian and Manuel Fyrestam
  • Team Leech with Alexander Lexén and Markus Maliszewski
  • Team with Björn Boström and Jakob Hanc Team Raymarine with Per Tjernström and Viktor Enblom