Coq de leon feather wing baitfish

Inspiration for this pattern comes from looking at some great Finnish fly-tiers and their typical flies for brown trout in rivers. They use classic-looking feather wing streamers with great success. So this is a pattern that will work really good in both river and coastal fishing. This version is tied for the coast with an Eelpout in mind. The unique pattern on CDL feathers gives a very similar look to the typical eelpout pattern.

Hook: Ahrex NS122 Light Stinger #4
Glue: Gulff Minuteman, Gulff UV resin – flexman
Thread: UTC-thread 140 – White
Tail: Bucktail – Cream
Body: Predator dub – Tan
Rib: Flat mylar tinsel – small
Wing: Whiting – Coq de leon rooster cape – Medium pardo
Head: Predator dubbing – Tan, Dirty NB mixed with JK craw
Eyes: Fish Skull – Living eyes – Wind