A Beginner’s Guide, Fly Fishing from Float tube

This episode of FLY TV Squeeze is about fly fishing from floating and how to get started with it – what to think about when casting, how to deal with the wind and of course how to catch fish from it. This is simply a guide for beginners who are curious and want to learn the basics of fly fishing from a float!

The fly fishing professional Daniel Bergman from Flydressing / Vision takes on the task of teaching the beginner Pontus Sjölund from Kanalgratis.se how to fly fish from a float ring, and if it goes well, Pontus will soon catch his first fish ever from a float ring. It does not take long before he is ready to take on the float and they notice quite quickly that the trout are hungry …

In this film, they fish in a lake high up in the mountains, but you can actually use a float ring in more or less any type of water – rivers, streams, lakes, in the archipelago or in the sea – the possibilities are endless.