Z-Drainz Wet Wading Sock

Introducing Z-Drainz wet wading socks – the new innovation that will completely transform the way you wade through the water! Constructed from high-quality 2.5mm stretch neoprene, these socks are designed to keep your feet warm and prevent that uncomfortable soggy wet feeling that often occurs when wading through water with an fully sealed sock.

The secret to Z-Drainz lies in our advanced Z-drainz system, which is specifically engineered to push out water from the bottom of the socks

These socks are extremely versatile and can be worn with hiking shoes, wading boots or for paddling excursions. The high-quality thin Velcro strap at the top of the socks ensures a snug fit around the ankles, while preventing debris from entering.

Pair these amazing wading socks with our Z-series pants, and you have the ultimate wet wading/paddling setup that complements each other very well. This combination ensures that you stay comfortable, and protected, out on the water.

S – 3.5-6 Length 21.1CM Height 18.45CM
M – 7-8 Length 22.1CM Height 18.6CM
L–9-10 Length 23.1CM Height 18.75CM
XL-11-12 Length 25.1CM Height  18.9CM
XXL -12-14 Length 27.2CM Height 19.1CM

Z-Drainz Wet Wading Sock

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