Waterproof Crew Cut Sock – Aqua

The ideal sock for fishing, hiking / backpacking, hunting, cycling, mountains, outdoor workplace.

The Waterproof Socks from Backcountry Skinz provide the perfect combination of durable performance and reliability, ensuring your feet stay warm and dry no matter the conditions. Perfect for outdoor adventures in the wilderness, these socks are ideal for paddling, trail running, fishing and all manner of hikes and expeditions. The fabric is designed for maximum waterproofness, so you can splash, splash and splash again without worrying about soggy footwear. Innovative features include an inner waterproof breathable membrane to block water from entering, and an outer layer of durable and rugged fabric to support extreme weather and abrasion resistance. And to top it off, a cozy terry-loop inner merino wool layer will keep your feet comfortably warm and dry in the coldest temperatures. Never experience wet feet again and feel the wild freedom of roaming the outdoors with our waterproof socks. Get your feet ready for any water crossing, leaky waders, rain, puddles, snow and mud. HydroLock technology, durability and warmth – the perfect combination for outdoor adventures.

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– Breathable , 4 way stretch, sweat wicking, seamless construction


Waterproof Crew Cut Sock – Aqua

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