Swiss-vise Master

Swiss Vise Master from the fly tying genius Marc Petitjean can probably count as the Rolls Royce among fly tying vises. No other vise on the market is as versatile and thought throuh. It’s both an excellent, tue-rotary hook vise and great tube fly vise in one and the super smart c-clamp easily transforms into a steady pedistal base.

The adjustable joints allows you to angle the vise towards you when used as a c-clamp, wich gives your shoulders a more relaxed possition for longer sessions.

With this vise you get a set of no less than 5 different tube needles to suit most tube dimensions on the market.

The head of the vise is easily adjusted to suit the hook size you’re tying on for the moment. The jaws holds hooks all the way from heavy saltwater hooks down to tiny midge hooks.

In fewer words, this is a vise for life and to suit all your needs.

Swiss-vise Master


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