Ice Wing Fiber

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Just like Ice Dub but with much longer fibers. Suitable for sparkle in the wings of streamers or as body on baitfish patterns.

Ice Wing Fiber

HL IW127 HL-IW127

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HL IW133 HL-IW133

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HL IW187 HL-IW187

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HL IW153 HL-IW153

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HL IW200 HL-IW200

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HL IW203 HL-IW203

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HL IW212 HL-IW212

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HL IW233 HL-IW233

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HL IW283 HL-IW283

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HL IW290 HL-IW290

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HL IW296 HL-IW296

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HL IW387 HL-IW387

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