Half Finger Guide Glove

Professional fishing guides spend their days in the blazing sun and so skin damage and even cancer is always a risk. That’s why Fish Monkey introduced the Half Finger Guide Glove. It has a quick-drying fabric and synthetic leather palm plus SPF 50-plus sun protection for the backs of the hands, always a vulnerable area. The “second skin fit” contours to the natural shape of the hands, while exposed fingertips mean great dexterity for boat and tackle management. Get professional-level protection.

Fish, Boat, and Tackle Management!

  • Exposed fingertips for ultimate fish, boat and tackle management.
  • UPF 50+ sun protection.
  • Synthetic leather palm non-slip grip adds comfort and support.
  • Quick dry breathable fabric for all day comfort.
  • Extended cuff for UV protection.
  • Superior construction for second skin fit.

Intended Use: Hand protection from cuts, sun and fatigue. Fish and tackle management. Second skin fit for all-day comfort. Perfect for boat poling.


Half Finger Guide Glove

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