Gulff Hard Face Razor arrow 4´

Probably the best scissors ever made for fly tying with the first scissors environment and quality program in fly tying industry.


– ISO9001:2015 – the internationally recognized Quality Management System standard in use

– Recycling and wastage: production waste is recycled and re-used if possible

– No Child Labor and No Female Harassments -programs

– High Quality Forging Unit with modern machinery

– Skilled workers and regular education

– High quality Stainless Steel raw materials to create the best cutting edges

– A bonus salary program for workers on annual basis

– All official holidays granted to workers with pay

– 8 hours working time – all extra work paid


– Probably the best fly tying scissors ever made

– Arrow scissors for detail working

– Cuts natural and synthetic materials like butter

– Awesome full matt finishing

– Micro serrated blade

– Adjustable tension

– Available in straight blade

– Very sharp blade and blade top


Gulff Hard Face Razor arrow 4´


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