Bauers Grandma Wool Glove

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A brand new glove from Fish monkey. Designed by our own Niklaus Bauer and his grandmother to fulfill the needs of demanding fishermen and women.

The extra long wrist section of the Bauers Grandma Wool Glove protects the shallow blood vessels you have in this area, keeping your hands warmer for a much longer period of time. The really short, not to tight fingers will not only give your fingers great mobility but also actually but also keep you hands warmer since they won’t strangle your blood flow. In this case less is actually more! And as always with Fish Monkey, they are made from a high quality wool that will keep your hands warm even when the glove is soaked.

The inside of the glove is covered with a super durable synthetic leather patch with rubber print for great grip. This one will definitely be many fishermen and women favorite glove!

  • 57% Wool
  • 28% Polyester
  • 15% Synthetic leather (hand palm)


Bauers Grandma Wool Glove

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